Patricia Lloyd Investment Management Advisor

"Patricia has been helping people achieve their financial goals since 1994. She specializes in seniors transitioning and helping families with elderly loved ones."

Getting to the heart of the matter

Acknowledging matters of the heart


Acknowledged, or not, family finances are an interwoven network where one decision can have a broad impact throughout the family tree. Therein, family dynamics are often the most challenging part of designing and executing a comprehensive financial management plan. This is especially true when there are issues that everyone may be aware of but they are hesitant to acknowledge: the elephant in the room.

As a financial management mentor to families, I do much more than just draft a financial management plan. I am confident and willing to face the elephant head-on to help you execute your financial plan.

Family needs are complex, but your financial management plan doesn’t have to be.  I streamline it so it is simple to understand and easy to implement.

This is my passion - confidently leading families to create an integrated financial strategy that can benefit all family members, spanning generations.

Latest News: Pennies saved long ago are pennies earned for feds trying to balance books.

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About Patricia

I am passionate about helping families confront the elephant in the room and build an integrated financial management strategy that can benefit all family members. I have sound philosophies that guide all of my client relationships and I have a proven, organized internal process that helps create strategic portfolios for my clients and their families.

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Financial Services

Through all of my services, I act as the Central Hub for information, expertise, counsel and advice.  I have an instinct for family dynamics and act as the Gatekeeper to protect you from irrational decisions and help guide you.  I bring you an exceptional Network of Experts, Partners and Advisors to offer expertise help you make solid financial management decisions.

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